CYLW to CYYJ (Kelowna to Victoria) screenshots (10 Photos)

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Aircraft: A220-300
Livery: Air Canada Retro
Route: Kelowna to Victoria
Callsign: Air Canada 929
Cruising Altitude: 28,000 ft MSL
Flight duration 16:43 - 17:37 (PST) according to LiveFlight (Approx. 50 min flight)
Server: Training Server.

Taking off from Kelowna

Ascending to cruising.

Cruising over Canada.

Amazing cabin modeling by devs!

Wing view using interior drone camera.

Window View during decent into Victoria.

In US airspace, almost at approach into Victoria.

Turning to the right for strait in into Runway 34

Had to go around! New runway needed to be used.

LiveFlight track. (Don’t mind the “Not Set” shown. I just refreshed the page.

Real flight duration: 54 minutes. (16:43 - 17:41 PST)
Runway landed: RWY 20. (Change of Runway due to go-around because calibrating complications).


Awesome shots! I love the retro AC livery! Unfortunately your pictures contain the UI, which is not allowed in the category, so if you erase those pics I think youll be good :)

Alright! Thank you! I will do that and find out how. If you know how to delete the photos, I would be most thankful!

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Great shots! That looks like an awesome route to fly; I’m sure those mountains were beautiful!

If you edit your post and delete all the urls that belong to the invalid pictures, they will be cleared of your post, and it can stay open.

The urls will look something like this:


Hope this helps!

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Thank you very much @Airborne_Canuck