CYKA-CYVR the most beautiful flight

Flight Details

Flight Time- 40min
Cruising Altitude- FL270
Airline- Air Canada
Aircraft- CRJ-900
Server- Expert

Preparing for the short flight through the mountains

Aaaaaand… Rotate!

Me in the aisle row trying to get a glimpse out of the window

Yay cruising Altitude! Now I can steal the guy in the window seat’s seat while he is in the bathroom!

On descent so that the guy wouldn’t get mad I moved up to economy+
And got some great views of the lake

The flight attendant came through and told me the price for economy+ and I quickly moved to the back row to catch some views of Vancouver and the mountains!

One of my friends was on the ground and shared this picture with me of the landing gear coming out on out plane!

My friend also chased the plane to the airport and got a photo of the plane just about to land

The landing was okay, now the spoilers are up and the FA’s are making announcements!

Looking back upon the aircraft that took me on this beautiful flight in the special invisible terminal.

Hope you liked them!

Which one was you’re favorite?

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If you didn’t like the pictures tell me what I could have done better!

Thanks to @schloopy91 he was the one in his most recent thread introduced us to this beautiful route!


Great photos! The story about the passenger getting upgraded lol


Haha thanks!

Hey i dont know why but i just felt like its the old version of IF in picture 1 and 10. But the others are good! Just add a bit more contrast…


It does, I understand thanks.

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That was really entertaining, and I thought really well edited. Nice.

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Thankyou for the feedback.

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Not exactly my style of editing but it really brings out the bright colours. Well done

Thanks, I am interested in knowing you’re style of editing though.

Awesome photos man, looks like you were on the exact same route as me. Now I’m curious what that lake is.

I think that is Harrison Lake, although I’d love if anyone else wanted to take a look and verify that. If I’m correct, it is the largest lake in the Coast Mountains of BC at 95 square miles. It was formed by glacial erosion, as evident by its North-South orientation and its proximity to other similarly oriented long, skinny lakes. It is dangerously cold, resulting in 5 deaths due to hypothermia since 2008. On the north shore lies a small First Nations community known as Xa’xtsa still today, with evidence of a village located on the lakeshore and an enormous rock with tribal paintings of an unknown purpose found on it.

So interesting!


I enjoyed the captions more than the photos!

All jokes aside, stunning shots 😍

Thanks for telling the community about this route.

Thanks, I came up with the captions while looking through the screenshots.

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I can’t take credit. While I’ve spent some time up there and love the area, I just hopped on the ES while YVR was the hub and saw people flying this route. Unfortunately Kamloops has also been in the news recently due to the Snowbirds crash last month, so I wanted to check out the area.

Great pictures! 👍🏽 👌🏽

Thanks guys.

Lovely photos. Don’t you just love the cabin in that aircraft

Wow, that valley pic with the river in the middle is gorgeous.

theses pics are really amazing, this is in Canada that we find the most interesting landscapes !

Wow ! I love the edit you’ve done here, some of the pictures really look realistic, I hope I would have more time to do short hauls like that. I usually do long hauls where I can take off the afternoon and land in the evening, so I can do my things whilst in flight.