CYHZ - KMCO | Halifax - Orlando | Air Transat A330

Hey there! So yesterday, I flew from Halifax to Orlando. The Halifax Fly-Out event was organized by
@Lachlanavitor . I hope you enjoy these pictures and let me know which one is your favorite!

Gate 22, Boarding.
Picture 1
‘Cause we are the big three, don’t need a big speech.’ -Nicki Minaj
B77W Air Canada - Not Linked IF Account
B788 WestJet - @CanadianNorth

Take-off, RWY 05
Picture 2
A330 AirTransat (Taxiing) - @GearDownAviationYT

Cruising over New Yersey
Picture 3

Picture 4

Smooth touchdown
Picture 5

Gate 84, Airside 4 - Deboarding

Picture 6

That’s all 4 today! <3


Hi, I believe the WestJet is A B787-9 and not 8😉

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And also,the pictures are great!!

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You had a beautiful takeoff! Awesome pics and awesome event!

Thank you!

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I know right and thank you!

Stunning shots!

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Thank you!<3

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