CX253 Hong Kong Intl to London Heathrow

Last night I flew an overnight flight from Hong Kong Intl to London Heathrow airport. It was a wild long journey (14 hours long) but very great. I even worried that the game may crash halfway but fortunately that didn’t happened.

Server: Training
Time: 0400 Zulu taking off at Hong Kong Intl
Route: Hong Kong Intl to London Heathrow

Hong Kong urban area

Pakistan sunset

Turkmenistan, I think it’s near the Gates of Hell

Germany, near Frankfurt airport

Finally, landing at London Heathrow

Since there’s a photo limit on IFC, I couldn’t share them all. They are available on my twitter in case you are interested.


Good stuff! I’m about 2,500nm into an 11,000nm journey from the northernmost US military base in Greenland to the South Pole.

The important question is, did you butter the landing?


Good luck with ur journey! I’m not very skilful in landing unfortunately but I definitely stuck to the centre line.