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Hey guys. Does anyone know what Cathay Pacific aircraft have been repainted? I have heard rumours that B-KPE (777-300ER) has been painted but I don’t know for sure. If anyone knows and can respond that would be great thanks

List of Aircraft Repainted in the New livery

Cathay Pacific (Pax)

  • B-KPM (777W)

  • B-KPQ (777W)

  • B-KPR (777W)

  • B-LAJ (A333)

  • B-LAK (A333)

  • B-LAL (A333)

  • B-LRA (A359)

  • B-LRB (A359) (Not in service)

  • B-LRC (A359) (Not in service)

  • B-LRD (A359) (Not in service)

  • B-LRE (A359) (Not in service)

  • B-LRF (A359) (Not in service)

Cathay Pacific Cargo

  • B-LIA (744F)

  • B-LIB (744F)

  • B-LIC (744F)

Cathay Dragon

  • B-HYQ (A333)
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What do you mean? Do you mean repaint?

yes i do. I completely forgot i put that there. Thanks for reminding me

I know it I Saw it on Web 10-15 days ago

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does anybody know if this is real?

Has anybody seen B-KPE in the last 20 days?

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Why do you want to know about this particular plane and not the aircraft type? As the picture I sent proves that a B777-300 has been painted in the new colours

KPQ is also painted in the new livery

Because when I go back to HK, it’s easier if you know what planes have been painted instead of going for just 1. If you know the registration of it then it helps.

Thanks. I will add it to the list

That and its just bugging me because I wan know whats painted and whats not

just been updated added more aircraft

Looks like the first A350 will be delivered at 7:30 AM or so. I’m sure some of y’all can get out there.

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Just changed the tittle which sums it all up. The list will be updated accordingly

Wow that’s it? I thought more aircraft would have been repainted lol

B-LAL (A333) Has been repainted

I believe more planes have been painted such as B-HSO the first A320 in the Cathay Dragon liveries

Do you have a photo? I too am super curious as to which planes are in the new liveries.

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