CX new livery aircrafts pt3

I don’t know if people can edit the pt2 thread. I couldn’t so please add what aircrafts are in the new livery for both Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon. Can a regular please make this a wiki.

The following aircrafts have been painted into the new livery.

Cathay Pacific

Boeing 777-300ER

  • B-KPE (Possibly repainted)
  • B-KPH (In XIA for repaint)
  • B-KPJ
  • B-KPM
  • B-KPQ
  • B-KPR
  • B-KPU
  • B-KPV
  • B-KPT
  • B-KPX
  • B-KPI [In XIA for paint]

Boeing 777-300

  • B-HNI
  • B-HNK (Spirit of Hong Kong)
  • B-HNP

Airbus A330-300

  • B-HLD
  • B-LAC
  • B-LAJ
  • B-LAK
  • B-LAL
  • B-LAM
  • B-HLH
  • B-HLM (In XIA for repaint)

Airbus A350-900

  • B-LRA
  • B-LRB
  • B-LRC
  • B-LRD
  • B-LRE
  • B-LRF
  • B-LRG
  • B-LRI
  • B-LRJ
  • B-LRK
  • B-LRL
  • B-LRM
  • B-LRN
  • B-LRO
  • B-LRP
  • B-LRQ
  • B-LRS (Unpainted in TLS, paint in XFW)

Total: 34

Cathay Pacific Cargo

Boeing 747-400F

  • B-LIA
  • B-LIB
  • B-LIC
  • B-LID
  • B-LIE
  • B-LIF

Boeing 747-8F

Total: 6

Cathay Dragon

Airbus A320-200

  • B-HSD
  • B-HSM
  • B-HSN
  • B-HSO

Airbus A330-300

  • B-HLG
  • B-HYQ
  • B-LBE
  • B-LBF
  • B-LBG
  • B-LBI
  • B-HYB (Spirit of Hong Kong)
  • B-LAA
  • B-LBH

Total 13

Total for both CX & KA: 59

If you know if any other aircraft have been painted in the new livery please let me know. Or please feel free to add it in the wiki.



It is not be possible for regulars to make it a wiki, but the moderators could.


B-KPI is in Xiamen for paint.

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LBH (Cathay Pacific A33P) is ferried to XMN for transferring to Cathay Dragon.
LAA (Cathay Dragon A33C) having new livery in XMN.
KPI (Cathay Pacific B77H) having new livery in XMN.
HNK (Cathay Pacific B773) having the new Spirit of Hong Kong Livery

From FT

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List has now been updated. Check it out if you want to.

B-KPW has been repainted as well.

Thank you. It flew to XIA with the callsign CX3386. There were several other aircraft that are currently in XIA which must mean they have been repainted.

  • B-HLM
  • B-KPH
  • B-KPE (Possibly)

I doubt KPE will be repainted. It’s set to be retired next year along with KPA, KPB, KPC, and KPD.

B-HLF has been repainted.

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not repainted, they just went XMN for regular checks.

By the way, the 5 B777-300ERs to be retired are
not KPA-E

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KPJ is in the new livery though.

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B-HTF has already been repainted.

B-KPL has been repainted. RIP CX Oneworld livery :(

B-LAD is also in XIA for a new paint coat

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