CX new livery aircrafts pt2

There’s no FR24 data for B-HLB or B-HLG. Maybe one of them?

B-LAC and B-LAM, two A330-300s, have also been repainted in the new CX colours. and

B-LBE flew from Xiamen to Hong Kong yesterday with the new livery.

Image: Thomas Cathay (Instagram)


Yep I saw. One of the CX A330s transferred to KA.

There is a big announcement being made on the 18th. It will supposedly discuss more transfers from CX to KA.

This is from the Facebook page CX secrets

Cathay Dragon seems to have revamped its painting schedule, The 3rd A330 to be painted in the livery arrived in HKG from Xiamen on the 23rd of january.


Photo by Paul Y. M. Chow (


So, this topic is about following what planes have been painted from Cathay Pacific…and here I was, thinking it couldn’t get anymore useless

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What couldn’t get more useless? If you think it’s useless, why comment? It’s interesting tracking them.


I can’t express my opinion on how uninspiring a topic is?

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Look I’m not trying to be rude or anything but If you don’t care, then don’t comment. This is for people who want to spot the new CX livery, they can look here as this says all of the planes that are in it. You might think its useless but I’m pretty sure some people might not think its useless.

Lesson that you should learn: If its not positive, then don’t mention it.

If you have something that you don’t like about it, then talk to a mod and I’m sure they will help.

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I have to say that I am here for the Dragon! 😄

The new cathay dragon livery is simply amazing, I look how CX is keeping the same concept for all their liveries, whether is it’s Cathay Pacific or Dragon.

Cathay Dragon, formerly Dragonair, is a low cost subsidary of Cathay Pacific. Much like what BA have as BA Cityflyer or Lufthansa and Lufthansa CityLine.

So, I bring news, don’t hurt me!


Singapore Airlines pls fire back with a new Jet Airways.

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B-KPU has been repainted as well @tacobell1015.

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@tacobell1015 B-HSM, a KA A320, has been repainted ages ago.

it’s kinda hard to define a Cathay dragon or a Cathay pacific a330 now when I am spotting far


I believe B-HNI has been repainted as well. It operated CX784 yesterday. @tacobell1015

It has, went to XIA as CX3388 on Jan 15 and came back as CX3397 on Feb 12.