CX new livery aircrafts pt2

It has, went to XIA as CX3388 on Jan 15 and came back as CX3397 on Feb 12.

I didn’t believe it until I saw the RR engines.

@tacobell1015 B-LBI has been transferred to KA and repainted in the new colours.

That would be so cool if it is real! Cathay is growing so fast now. They’ll have blue, red and green liveries. They’ll look great together, although Pakistan is a bit different to Hong Kong, don’t you agree? A bit of a weird choice for CX.

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I think the majority of members here on this thread will find this google doc very informative and helpful.

Is there one of these for Qantas? We’re having trouble finding aircraft in the new livery.

I am not a expert with anything Qantas related , i had a look and found the following.

This was a few years ago , not sure if it helps ?

Sorry there isn’t much online available.

Yeah, that ones quite old. The 734 is now retired, and that new livery is now being replaced by an even newer one.

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Yeah sorry that is all i can do for you , good luck thou ! :D

@tacobell1015 B-LBF has been repainted too.

Are you guys sure about B-KPK & B-KPW? Would like to see photos as I can’t find any with the new livery on them.

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When i am in HKG multiple times in June/July i will cross check and take a look which aircraft are sporting what livery …

not really , the smallest CX aircraft is A333, I guess the shortest route is from HKG-TPE that usually took less than 1.5 hrs

Thanks @FlyTheFlag. I also happened to see it yesterday



Also are you sure about B-KPK and B-KPW? I found some fairly recent photos of them in the old livery.

I got them confused with others. Sorry about that

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Are you planning to move B-LBI to KA? Also I’m really hoping B-KPB gets another special livery instead. I’ll really miss the current livery :(

I will. I am busy right now. KPB flew there in the last week of February. It should be back in Hong Kong in the next 2 weeks if it went there for a paint job

B-KPB has not been repainted. It is still in the normal Spirit of Hong Kong livery

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Phew. It’s on its way to JFK right now as CX846