CX new livery aircrafts pt2

Since the old one has been closed and since Cathay Dragon is now in effect I decided to make a pt 2.

The following are all in the new livery.

Cathay Pacific

Boeing 777-300ER

  • B-KPJ
  • B-KPM
  • B-KPQ
  • B-KPR
  • B-KPU
  • B-KPV
  • B-KPT
  • B-KPX

Boeing 777-300

  • B-HNI
  • B-HNK (Spirit of Hong Kong)
  • B-HNP

Airbus A330-300

  • B-HLD
  • B-LAC
  • B-LAJ
  • B-LAK
  • B-LAL
  • B-LAM

Airbus A350-900

  • B-LRA
  • B-LRB
  • B-LRC
  • B-LRD
  • B-LRE
  • B-LRF
  • B-LRG
  • B-LRI
  • B-LRJ
  • B-LRK
  • B-LRL
  • B-LRM
  • B-LRN
  • B-LRO
  • B-LRP

Total: 32

Cathay Pacific Cargo

Boeing 747-400F

  • B-LIA
  • B-LIB
  • B-LIC
  • B-LID
  • B-LIE

Boeing 747-8F

  • B-LJN

Total: 5

Cathay Dragon

Airbus A320-200

  • B-HSD
  • B-HSM
  • B-HSN
  • B-HSO

Airbus A330-300

  • B-HLG
  • B-HYQ
  • B-LBE
  • B-LBF
  • B-LBG
  • B-LBI
  • B-HYB (Spirit of Hong Kong)

Total 11

Total for both CX & KA: 48

If you know if any other aircraft have been painted in the new livery please let me know.


Does Cathay operate any short haul aircraft?

All of them are under Cathay Dragon


Don’t forget B-LJN, a 748F.

Fun fact, I spotted B-KPM. I checked to see if it was added

Any updates? @tacobell1015

In Toulouse B-LRK, B-LRL and B-LRM have been painted on A350-900’s. Apart from that no. If anyone has any information on any new planes that have been painted please let me know and I will put it in

It’s been over a year and they only have 6/53 77Ws and 3/40 A330s painted.

You entered LRK twice.

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fixed. Thanks for letting me know

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Will the rest of the new a350s be getting the new Cathay Pacific livery or Cathay Dragon livery?

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Cathay Pacific is getting the A350. Cathay Dragon is not but I think they will order some.

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A350s wouldn’t make much sense for Cathay Dragon as they operate flights to medium sized cities around Asia. KA using A350s on long haul would probably cannibalise CX as KA has a lower cost structure.


I am confused, I thought Cathay Pacific became Cathay Dragon…

Dragonair became Cathay Dragon.

You should make this a wiki.

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They are gonna need some new planes soon. Their fleet is getting old and they don’t have anything on order. They are getting a few of CX’s old A330’s but they will need to order either the A350, A330 neo or A320 neo. They won’t go boeing as they are all airbus but I am expecting an order soon

They will need something to replace their ageing A320s and A330s, you’re right. Maybe CX will transfer more A330s to KA, but some of the CX frames are old too.

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They won’t be the first A320 neo based airline as Hong Kong express has had theirs delivered today (Just had to mention it)

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Cathay Dragon B-LBE has been repainted into the new livery. There is supposedly another A330 that has been repainted. more info soon

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