Cutting queues while waiting for take off (Expert Server)

I mean guys, is it really that hard to queue up, or is it a norm to cut queue, I mean serious, because I don’t believe in the real world, pilot will ever cut queues due to the airport controller, but in IF, today i witness, people do actually cut queue and the controllers sort of giving it people to actually do it.

Like this picture I’ve screenshot, the “world MD11F” literally cut the queue of the latam 787, of course no one wants anyone to cut his or her queue, so the latam make sure there’s isn’t any space, and the "world MD11F isn’t happy, and this is what happen, can the controller do something about it, or is the controller to busy with take off and landing.

My question is, are we allow to cut queue, or do we follow the queue?

“THIS IS ON EXPERT SERVER” with a actually controller.


For the first picture the green lines shows the queue, and the black circle is just waiting to cut queue.

The second pic is about the world md11f cutting the whole queue.

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Well is this on TS1, then you can’t do anything about it :) There are still going to be those types of trollers. Best you can do is work around them

Ts1, come to Expert and everything will be better. Nothing you can do about Ts1.

Well, this is on expert server.

Follow the que should be the closest taxi way to the runway. If you want that realism, fly on expert

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Read again please, this is expert

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The give way instruction is a good option. Triggered. It shouldn’t be acceptable on T1 either.

Edit: OP added that this was on Expert after I posted this.

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I see the same behaviour in any real life queue…
We live in a world where people think the world revolves around them. Nothing new, really…

As Ground controller I am sometimes blown away by what I see pilots do… Sometimes you’re just to late with your give way instructions


He/She doesn’t have to follow the yellow route, as long as they stay put and go after the aircraft that was directly in front of them, then there’s no problem.

If this was on expert like you say then make a note of their callsign aetc and either see if they’re on the Community or speak to a mod.

You can’t really Control it, people cut in line, its Happened before and it’s happened again, yes we go for relisim but sometimes we can’t control it. (This goes for both servers BTW)


The Training Server is for those who are learning, most of them are new to flying and have only seen skies from a tiny oval window.

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This could also be without ATC. Without ATC it becomes unorganized and all people want to do is get in the air faster than the person in front of them.

IFATC ensures this doesn’t happen. So if you don’t like whag your seeing, fly to an airport where ground atc is in control and rules are enforced by ghosting.

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Please guys, this is screenshot when there is a controller.

I tried to block people to cut my queue, and I ended up with a, " maintain a save distance" and I don’t see the controller even tried to hold anyone’s position.

Well then you need to PM that controller asking why he wasn’t organizing things. Or PM an IFATC supervisor.

This also doesn’t have to be the controllers fault. This could be the pilots simply not listening.

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For the Tam and the BA there are 2 taxi lines to the runway if you look closely. I think that’s what happens in real life too to shorten the line on one taxiway

The world Cargo MD11 can take the route he’s using for sure, it’s the way he joins the line that is the problem, no one wants to taxi further back. Not even real life.

Please note the OP’s words

So, is this thread an IFATC complaint or complaining pilots ‘cutting in line’?

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When it gets busy like that and someone adds 30% power and starts rolling at 8knts, ground has little time to react when they are that close. By the time they hit “give way to aircraft ahead” the two have aleady collided. It’s the pilots responsiblity to maintain some form of courtesy and situational awareness whilst working in tandem with ground.

This happen today (29 Jan) at, SBGR, São Paulo–Guarulhos International Airport on expert server.

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I mean how can he taxi back?