Cutting it close (SOLVED)

Hi guys quick question,
If my fuel is like this with 12 hours to go should I land and refuel or continue on because the weight will decrease over time?


I don’t know what plane you’re in but you probably shouldn’t be going that fast. Which plane is this? If you slow down a bit you’ll make it. Even now you’ll still make it because your plane will lighten up.


Mach .90 is WAYYY to fast. Slow down to atleast Mach .85 and you’ll find that your fuel will be preserved.

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787-8 almost fully loaded KIAH to OTHH

Try .85 , .86, or .87 for 787s and see if that helps out.

I would keep flying depending on how close you are to your destination. But to be on the safe side you should land to the nearest airport and refuel. It all depends on how far you are from your destination.

Yeah, I’d recommend M.85/.84 in the 787

Thanks for the help guys.


You’ll make it because the weight of the aircraft will decrease over time.

But like the others said, please slow it down. Especially on a long haul. Faster is definitely what you don’t want to do. For the 787, cruise her out at M.86. That’ll give you a good solid burn. Flying the 787 any slower than .85 or faster than .88 you’re just killing the economical performance.


Adding on to @DeerCrusher’s point here about slowing down, if you hit the jet stream (which was REALLY strong last night going over the atlantic) it will speed you up, your autopilot will turn off, you will crash, get violations, nobody will be happy.


I use simbreif and then convert it to infinite flight and it told me I should be crusing at 310 knts so I was gunning it close but trying not to overspeed. Well thanks for all the tips guys!

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When you’re below FL280 set your speed to whatever simbrief told you to fly. If it says 310kts, set the speed to 310kts. As you increase in altitude your Indicated Airspeed will decrease.

Right now, I planned to cruise at 325kts in the 787 on my way from YSSY-OTHH. At FL360 my Indicated Airspeed reads 271kts. When I’m above FL280 I don’t look at my IAS very much. I pay more attention the my Mach #. 271kts IAS for me is M.87

It sounds like you’re trying to fly the speed that Simbrief gave you all the way up to cruise using your indicated airspeed. Which is incorrect. You should fly the speed that Simbrief gives you from 10,000ft up to FL280. Just leave the speed set, and manipulate the vertical speed to avoid going over 100% N1.

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I suggest reduce your speed to M.83-85

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