Cut throttle due to account being used on separate device?

Just got a notice 12 hours in to a flight that my account is being used on a separate device and it cut my throttle. I do not have any other devices, therefore I have not logged in on any other devices. Why did this happen?B88E07B1-2B25-4D13-90F0-C2474F2EA7F0AC6B0E68-5363-49DF-9F2A-F6CC7D701E76

This is a duplicate. Has already been mentioned here;

OMG Just happened to me! Maybe that why i got 7 voilations and i am Grade 1 now and not Grade 4!!!

Just happened to me too !

It’s happening to me know after thirtneen hours😭

Same, after 11hours my flight just got crashed!