Cut them some slack!

Now this is what I think, Pilots come on the server to learn, just because they drive on the grass does not mean they suck, the playground server is a learning experience for everyone, that’s where you correct your mistakes. Sure some Pilots have 00 Flight experience and 00 xp, but they want to learn, just like you do. So THE PLAYGROUND SERVER IS A LEARNING EXPERIENCE, what would you do if your the 00 Flight time and 00 XP? Would you say the same that you say about others? Or would you say oh!? I’m making a mistake here, I need to correct it now!! And then try to correct it? Look I’m sure Pilots taxing on the grass are trying to correct their mistake. So please cut them some slack!!! Now only if their making a huge mistake should you report them!!

Cut ATC some slack too, they it may be there first time doing it. They may be doing ground, tower, approach and departure. Or just two of them, I beg you to either live with it, or fly advanced #flyadvanced


I think that’s fair. Someone with 0hours

If a pilot has done over 30hours (for example) I believe they should have learned the basics by then. BUT SECONDLY, if they have no idea and are flying for the first time, why not encourage practice of solo mode? Or the free flight server?

Pilots who just don’t care I have no respect for.
This includes pilots who continuously taxi through grass, cut in line, takeoff whenever they want etc.

Because just remember my friend, this is purely a GAME to a lot of people. They don’t really consider others.

I guess one of the main reasons people get upset is because they just don’t get it. Imagine if you are first in line to the Gas Pump to fill your car with fuel, but another 7 people cut Infront of you… Would you get annoyed? Yes.


Yea but if someone wants live you can’t keep him/her from flying on live, also some people don’t care about others, if they want to do what they do, fly in Oshkosh or Paris

So your saying we should restrict new pilots to quiet servers where they can’t interact at all with proper instructions? The thing is, this topic is possibly one of the most talked about “issues” if you will with the Playground Server. If there was a simple answer, we wouldn’t be having these discussions. Your best bet is to contribute to how we CAN make the server better, not making duplicate topics defending pilots. I like to think as a community we are fair, hense why I’m quite patient in the PG server. But sometimes it does grind my gears, and I know I’m not the only one.

Not at all, I’m saying they should practice there for a little while, only if they want to

Looking back I can say that I was the least experienced IF pilot out there. Over time my knowledge grew rapidly!


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To be honest,

free flight is better than playground

I’ve played on playgrounds and the grade 1 taxi a lot better than the ones on playground


That’s what I’m saying, you can’t report them all the time cause then they won’t learn. The more they learn the more experience the get on flying, I fully support new Pilots as long as they learn, and Pilots should not rush to this!!! Try solo mode before getting live, not rushing to get it!!!

Solo mode is there for a reason. They should practice on their first. Once they are confident, they can fly on Live.


Exactly, but for those that do rush in with LIVE please fly probably so everyone does not get all upset with you

What I would recommend to new users is that they do a couple of flights in Free Flight to avoid violation/s then go onto playground to learn more, after a lot of learning of ATC, ect go onto advanced. :P

Again and again, another Playground topic
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