Customizing ATC voice on Android devices

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it seems many users are interested in customizing the stock ATC voice, such as changing nationality, gender, speech velocity and so on. Here I will give you some hints of how this can be achieved on Android devices. I don’t know how/if this can be done also on Apple devices.

Importantly, my instructions below are related to devices running Android 4+.

On an Android device Infinite Flight uses Text-To-Speech service provided by the system. The settings for the TTS Service are accessible navigating into “Settings” > “Accessibility” > “Text-to-Speech Options/Output”.

From this menu, you can edit many different properties of the TTS engine: for example, you can change the speech rate, or the default language. The amount of options available depend on the TTS Engine installed on your device: I know Samsung provides his own, as does Google. Personally, I’ve tried several, and the best IMHO are:

  • Google TTS : Developed by google, includes several languages which can be downloaded separately
  • Pico TTS : Developed by SVOX, is the free version of their (non-free) TTS Engine Classic Text To Speech Engine, which comes pre-installed in a large number of devices.
  • IVONA Text-to-Speech HQ : my daily runner and, in my opinion, one of the best TTS engines available for free.

Of course you can find more information on the TTS engines available for your device directly by searching on Google. Here there are a couple of links I’ve found which might be useful:

Enjoy your new ATC voices!


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For IOS there has already been a updated ATC voice

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I don’t see ‘accessability’

Are you looking under your device settings or your Infinite Flight settings? It should be under your device settings.

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On newer versions of Android try ‘Settings > General Management > Language and Input > Text to Speech’

From there you can set your preferred language and download TTS languages such as 'English (United Kingdom Male) within the ‘Install Voice Data’ option

It seems there are more options using the device TTS rather than Google TTS

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