Customized camera views and sets

Hi all,

We like to get things our way, don’t we?
Now with the new free cams comings, I realized that I really would like to be able to:

_ Save free cams for each aircraft I am flying;
_ Decide and save the order into which I browse between all cameras, again for each aircraft.

I do not see why this would be impossible, and that would really improve my (already great) IF experience.

What do you think?

Happy flying all!

that would be awesome!
because it is so annoying to get that perfect camera angle every time

I will clear out a vote :D

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Thank you very much.

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Needs a reset function as well.
And we need HUD map for interior drone cam.

Why not. I was more thinking in line with the way we can now arrange three sets of menus in the bottom bar.
Put a vote if you can. I think this could happen!

Ideally, settings would remain in replay too.

One view I’d like to save: