Customized ATC replies

I know that this topic has been touched up on before but without much detail.

I’m just going to start this up with: most pilots on IF don’t know what line up and wait means. Asking them to follow instructions or seeing help pages isn’t good enough for them to realize what it means so I have to clear them for take off which defeats the purpose of asking them to line up and wait.
So, for trusted people, maybe advanced ATC controllers, could you [FDS] add a custom ATC message input so, advanced controllers/extremely trusted users has the option to say “Please follow instructions, line up and wait means to line up on the runway and wait”.

I understand how people could abuse this but moderators could have a certain observing channel where they can bar users from using this function as they’re swearing at other pilots.

I know there’s another problem of moderators not wanting to do this. Well, hand-pick some more trusted advanced controllers who are willing to do this?

I understand that this topic is very controversial so I’d love to see your response!! :)

See also What to do when pilots don't follow in instruction in ATC playground?


I doubt the developers would approve! Only for the reason that on playground its for learning but maybe for advanced but again the controllers can just ghost you from the server so it’s a good idea and I understand where you are coming from but I don’t think it would be a positive addition to the ATC as for numerous reasons!


Yeah. Unless there’s some sort of application but I can see where people could fake their personality. But what if there were people monitoring the custom ones. I mean, I would sit there all day pressing a prevent this person from using this feature button.

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It’s like this, on playground you just have to suck it up politely! I know pow it’s very frustrating but hey! That’s life! Good idea though no doubt about it!


We understand the need for more communication options in-game. It is important because:

  • Makes it easier to manage current events
  • Gives an option to send/receive valuable feedback
  • Avoid having to go back and forth between a chat app (or this forum) and the game

The reasons we haven’t done this yet:

  • We didn’t want to deal with filtering and moderating
  • Infinite Flight would most likely have to change its rating in some countries since there are specific laws protecting children with online chat systems.
  • It is not guarantied that ppl not following rules would follow them better: consider the fact that not everyone using Infinite Flight Live speaks perfect english, also there are ppl who just want to see the world burn unfortunately.

That being said, this is an active conversation between us developers, and we do want to find a solution.

In all honesty, I am starting to change my mind about this and think an In Game chat system would go a long way if it is done properly.


Well said as ever Philippe. I know that whatever you do, in true FDS style, will not be what we’re expecting, but will be awesome nevertheless! You always seem to respond to requests in a magnificent way- addressing the request but adding unique features which you have enigneered.


Customized ATC replies should be a privilege only high XP users can enjoy. Therefore, the chances of getting spammy/offensive replies is reduced a bit.


Yes, this should totally be a feature! But it should only be for Advanced


Bumping this topic, really wanna see this in Global and can’t really see why it hasn’t been added yet to Expert at least. IF would just have to be approved for another rating w/ the online chat (not sure if that’s easy), it would allow for better communication and understanding. The language barrier shouldn’t be a problem if we see updated speech and language compatibility added, and alongside Expert ATC’s proper ghosting, Expert would be a haven. Maybe this could come in an ‘ATC’ update or something.

Or an auto translation tor someone who doesn’t speak very good English

Philippe’ reasons are still valid. There are laws protecting children (minors) in some countries.

A chat or custom messages would be a nightmare. I’m definitely opposed to this. Moderation would be through the roof, and people wouldn’t necessarily change their behavior. It’s the expert server… if you are reported like in the line up and wait example, learn, and come back better. People don’t need to be spoon fed.

This would be trading in one set of problems for another set.

My 2 cents anyway.


Yes, I can see you’re worries. Perhaps more ATC commands would suffice.

I don’t think customized communications should be possible, too much abuse potential.

But I do wish Check Help had a submenu, such as Check Help on: Pattern Entry, Parts of the Pattern, Sequencing, Calling Inbound, Exiting the Runway, etc. At least they’d know what to look for rather than guessing and pilots might actually check help.

But these would need to be a preset list.