Customizable Quick Menu on ATC

Its very nice that we have this, but after a while it gets full…
Would been awesome if we could rearrange, add/remove and pin the messages manually…


You know that you can scroll on it, right?

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But i hate doing that if i have 20 incoming messages


I actually like this idea. Would prove very helpful to me while controlling.

Yeah, the ability to set ones in certain positions would be ace :)


I’m bumping this topic because I think it would be really useful. Especially considering the shortcuts move depending on how often you use each one, I always end up having to look for the one I want. I can’t rely on muscular memory otherwise I’ll often hit the wrong one.

This feature would be even better if we could customise it even before starting the session when we’re making our plan. I’ll add this to my list here. Please consider voting for this request and a few on that list. Everyone within IFATC would be thankful and ultimately the pilots too since they’ll have better service.👇