Customizable HUD

Today, we have 3 options of how we would like our cockpit to look like.

Full HUD

  • Map
  • Full Virtual Horizon with a guiding system
  • Wind information
  • Landing Aid



It’s basically like aircraft cabins. The difference between Economy (HUD 2) and Business (HUD 1) is HUGE, while there isn’t so much difference between Business (HUD 1) ans First (Full HUD) anymore. What’s missing, is a Premium Economy.

I propose an individual and customizable HUD, in which you can choose what information you would like to see.

For example: I’d love to see just the virtual horizon without this guiding system. It would make landing more challenging and flying in smaller airplanes more realistic. In another situation I just would like to see my altitude and speed without a virtual horizon at all, or maybe only the map. Or maybe just the horizon without the landing aid. In my opinion, the current situation is not realistic. You don’t have such an HUD in a C172. With individual HUDs it would create a more realistic environment and it would make flying more challenging and fun.

Thank you, ans Happy Landings!

I like this. I think that this

Is something a bit like this. It’s customizable etc, it shows your instruments and your artificial horizon etc.

(Yeah I know your request was in-app but this might be the next best thing if the devs decide not to add this)

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Eh stop trying to find any similar topic and bash it down. This feature request is actually quite nice. Received my vote.


Yeah, I love the request as well. Sorry if I offended you :)

I was just offering an alternate solution until the devs add this. That’s all :)