Customizable FOV

Hello IFC, wouldn’t it be cool to go into settings and change the FOV in the cockpit view of the aircraft you are flying. I thought of this because I’ve seen a lot of people talk about the cockpit view in the A320 and 737 and how it’s hard to see the screen’s and the sky.
(Please give thoughts below)

I already looked up this topic and found nothing

You can just zoom in and out though. :)


Camera views (except for some) will only reset if you press your screen twice or when you start a new flight. Even when changing camera views, the view won’t reset to its default position when you change it back. If you are talking about having to zoom in or out every time when you start a new flight, that feature won’t be necessary. As like what the above message said, just pinch your screen to zoom in or out. :)

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if everything were resolved with a zoom there would be no adjustment of a seat, you would just tilt your head forward …

this is not a solution, for everyone, it would be good if the IF adds the option for you to move the view wherever you want

I think a good example would be something like that, I removed it from a simulator that I have here

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