Customizable Callsign Presets

Hello All,
Today I am proposing the ability for a user to save a number of callsigns that he/she regularly uses. For Example, if you were in American and Delta Virtual, you could preset the callsigns AAVA274 and DLVA269 for easy access every time you spawn in. If you flew GA a lot you could preset N274YH. If you happened to fly United a lot with the same callsign, you could preset United 648. If needed, there could be a limit to the number of presets.

Is this something that we need yesterday? No. It’s not a pressing issue that needs to be tackled straight away, but it would be cool to see at some point.

Thank you for reading. If you would like to see this in Infinite Flight, please help out by hitting the blue vote button. Thanks in advance. :)

If this is a duplicate, I sincerely apologize. I searched far and wide to no avail.

Whats wrong with typing your callsign in manually??
People these days are becoming lazy😂


So like when you reload IF the last custom callsign you had is already your callsign then

There’s nothing at all wrong with it.

It’s something I would like to introduce with the hope of maybe seeing it in IF one day.


Not necessarily. You know like how on a radio (I know who uses those anymore) there are preset buttons? This would be like a bank filled with a number of preset callsigns that you use frequently for easy access when you spawn.

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I personally think it’s not worth a vote, but it could easily be added to IF. Cool idea!


tbh if a virtual airline wanted to be realistic, they should have DVL on their username, and have Delta ### as their callsign

When you get in 3+ vas it starts becoming annoying.

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Most people either don’t have room because they have a long name or they already have a long list of things to put in their username.

I personally cleared up a vote because I think this could be a quick-to-code yet widely used little addition.


Oh no. I‘d like this idea if you’d have requested preset callsigns like „Delta Virtual“ or „Swiss Virtual“. But presets like „AAVA“ or „DLVA“? Nope. No thank you.

I hate those callsigns. „Alpha Alpha Victor Alpha 55“. And the whole ATC chatter is spammed with those hideous long callsigns. The only thing worse are the callsigns like „STARWARS” (Sierra Tango Alpha Romeo…).

If it would be “Delta Virtual 55” or “American Virtual 55”, that would be better. And more accurate. That’s my opinion. But you can try to change my mind. 😃

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That’s not what he meant I don’t think. I think he meant that as the pilot, you could input your own presets. AAVA, DLVA, BAVA, etc wouldn’t already be in there. As the pilot, you could make your own. Like I could have a list of mine : DLVA428, UPS 428, AAVA428, SWVA428. I could custom make those, instead of typing it every time.
@rileymoyer if that wasn’t your idea feel free to correct me. That’s how I understood it.


Daamn, they are… auto taxi, callsign presets. Ain’t nobody doin anything!

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Nah I think we can but a little effort in typing the callsign

Wow although it’s really exposing how lazy us avgeeks get
Not gonna lie,I like this

I do all sorts of stuff
Whether it’s me doing a DLVA flight or doing a regular flight or flying F22s with friends,Id like to have it .

It may sound dumb to some people but I can’t believe how my laziness is making me vote for this 😂


Well this has my vote…

I fly for many groups and VA’s and this will come on handy when I know which group and VA I’m flying for. Even if we have a preset of 5 callsigns it would make life a little easier.

For example
These are some of my personal callsigns and if they were preset in IF I could just select anyone of these and off I go. And I do fly for all these groups too.

Besides its also kind of hard to remember all the callsigns of all the groups I’m in. I don’t see it as a lazy button but more of a quick select button. For those who fly Military and Commercial and then also GA, this will work perfectly. It did actually cross my mind a few weeks back but I never got around to posting a feature request.


I love this idea. Usually before every flight I have it takes a fair amount of time to put my callsign in.

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They are presets for whatever you want. Sooo, if you flew GA a lot and always used N857CD, that would be one of your presets. If you flew United a lot with the same callsign, you would preset United 859.

Basically, I’m not asking for a revamp of the way we do Virtual Airline callsigns, they just happen to fit very well into this idea.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Bumping this topic because I’m personally extremely lazy when it comes to switching my callsign. Having to type it in and then see it become auto corrected to diva, naiad, or some random baloney can be quite a nuisance. Especially seeing as I’m in multiple VAs, this would help me personally quite a lot. I really do believe it wouldn’t be too much of a hassle to add in, but I know a lot of us would appreciate it.