Customisable private liveries

Currently on the Cirrus SR22T, Cessna Citation X, Airbus a318, Boeing 737-700BBJ and the Boeing 747-8 we have liveries designed to be private jet liveries, but they seem rather… miscallaenous. I suggest that the liveries have an area set for text, where you can write up to a certain amount of digits and it will display on your plane, which would add some variation to the liveries. Maybe also the colour on the body and/or decals could be changed?

A note on bad words: A bad word filter such as the one with callsigns would work fine.

I think the current private liveries are already okay and random enough imho

But I think this feature needs alot of hard coding to implement this. So it will take a long time while there are more priorities to do unfortunately


To be honest, I’ve always wanted customisable liveries to be a thing. I hope to see it one day, as it will add more differentiation, and be a huge step for VA’s. However…


Currently all of the private liverys are based on real private jets.

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