Customisable HUD

I play Infinite Flight on an Ipad and it is hard for me to use the rudder and the break at the same time. So when i am taxing and using the rudder i cant press the break at the same time and then i mess up and go out of the line. I would love to move the buttons around to see which is the perfect one. Thanks.

thats why you can pull down on the rudder to activate the break


I really thought a request like this already existed, but a quick search didn’t reveal it. I would too like to be able to customize buttons & sliders on the hud screen. As mentioned by @Jackalus_Mills, the rudder slider can be used as a break as well. Read on this here.

My problem is that the power slider sits too low. When doing patterns I would like the slider to be higher, to give more comfort when controlling low power.

If I can’t find a duplicate of this (will search some more), you’ll have my vote.

P.S. don’t forget to vote for the feature request yourself!

EDIT: found this:

None did get any votes…

I believe your request is different as it suggests you ask for the ability to totally customize the hud.


Voted, I would like to see this.


Good feature, unfortunately I’m out of votes😢