Custom Youtube Thumbnails

Free graphical Youtube thumbnails for Infinite flight etc.

Description of what I am creating

Since quarantine is getting me bored, I thought I would test my skills of graphical design. This is why I am offering to create people aviation related thumbnails. These thumbnails can be used in any case such as a livestream, video or youtube premier.

How to request a thumbnail

If you would like one of these amazing thumbnails please request it using this format

Style: i.e jazzy, geometric
Main colours: i.e red, blue and green
Text on the thumbnail: i.e IFC username, flight
Pictures: Link them below your reply
what it will be used for: i.e live, video or premier

Example of my work

If you would like to request one use the format above and reply to me



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Umm, people can make thumbnails are there own, I do, it’s simple what’s the point of this.

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Im just bored in quarantine im just helping people really


They could also do this on there own, so why would this thread not be allowed if this one is

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Well, whatever you want to do. I’ve been making websites. I would recommend you put what you use to make the thumbnails because otherwise people will never stop asking.


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