Custom Waypoints

Is there a way to input custom waypoints without using flightaware or whatever that application is?

I wonder if this does it (I’ve done it, but it was a long time ago):

I entered longitude and lattitude directly into IF using the appropriate format to customize a remote airport final approach fix.

You need this mighty tool:

So I’ve figured out how to get them close (within 20nm of where I need it) but I don’t know if I can enter the seconds in

I need it to be very precise not only degrees and hours or whatever
When I enter the seconds with no decimals or anything, I just end up thousands of nm away

You can use Skyvector to select coordinates.
From there use the export to foreflight option to create a .FPL file that can be uploaded directly to Infinite Flight

Does that require a fore flight subscription

No, you just need to open in Infinte Flight .fpl file that you downloaded

Nope, but a slight correction. There is a separate .fpl download button.
That’ll give you a flightplan that can be inserted directly into IF

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