Custom voice question

I just found out how to use other voices for my pilot on IOS than the one’s in-game. Can other players hear what I do though?

Don’t count me on it, but I believe so as every now and again I do hear the American style voice from certain aircraft which in my opinion is terrible and right in your ear.

Would you be able to spawn at an airport and tell me if you can hear mine?

If you can spawn at YBBN now on Expert, I can help you out.


Ill head there

You can only hear voices that you have on your device. If you are not using the same TTS engine you will not get the same voices. That is why there is an option in the settings for a default voice.


So only iOS users can hear it?

No Android users can aswell they just have to have the voices installed

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You get to hear it by any chance?

I was out of range, sorry. I’m on final though, so if you spawn in now and send a message, I should be able to hear.

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What did you set your voice to?

Ava (enhanced) en-us

Yeah, I couldn’t hear that. What I heard from you was Australian, which is what I have my “ATC from other Pilots” thing set to.

That’s probably why. I left t alone so I hear the voices the pilots chose themselves

Yeah. Hope this helped, and sorry for the delay. :)

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