Custom, user made liveries

this may not sound like a good idea, but getting the right people to do it will be good and it would be nice to contribute to FDS,it also speeds up new livery process, even if it’s 2-3 every update, it still would help


I would really like, this, and I think it would be awesome. I’m sure there would be issues with inputting it into the game though.

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I think its a good idea in terms of getting new liveries as @Jack_Gallant said but I one thing I like about IF is the realisim,So if people start making custom liveries that are good enough I think we would lose some of the realisim. IMO anyway. :smile:


There are people who make the liveries.


At the moment you can’t make liveries and add them to IF without breaking. some regulations, even tho it is possible to do so.
As I knkw there’s one person doing liveries approved by the devs, but they don’t hand out the files to make liveries to everybody, actually to nobody.

I however would be very keen on doing some liveries for IF. However I also think we shoukd to this like the airport editing.


I know a couple. ;)

well YOU do ;)

I’d help make liveries if I knew what the requirements were. That could be fun. I love PS and Adobe After Effects editing type stuff.

This is definitely something we want to explore in the near future. The issue is that we update aircraft from time to time which could potentially break liveries made by 3rd party and we just don’t have the resources to deal with the added issues that it will generate.

We might seek a few livery creators and work with them to add more official liveries more quickly. I think that would be a good start.


add me to the list :D

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Me too if I could help 😄

Add me in the list too

Its a good idea if we can import a picture for cover the plane with,
Made own livery and change the callsign = your airline!

I think we can explore the option of putting templates on somewhere and allowing people to make custom liveries, as long as the underlying technology for rendering planes is a hollow skin, it shouldn’t create any problems, and you can always release revised templates for revised aircraft slightly early for the livery creators to work on before the release.

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Like in minecraft with the skin ?


as I do when I download skins for MCPE


I was thinking, maybe we could make our own design on the plane. For an additional cost?

This has been requested a lot of times. Please search before posting!