Custom tower and terminal of MROC (San José, Costa Rica)

Hello Aviation fans. As many today, i am very excited for 22.1 out on mobile devices! As u noticed, now KLAX and KDEN have now detailed terminals (such as the Tom Bradley Terminal). In the following photos that i will upload, i’ll show how MROC looks like in Infinite Flight right now and how it looks in real life. It would be really cool to see this upgrade to which was my home airport a few years ago.

As you can see, the roof of the terminal is curved and red, which in IF, the roof is squared and grey. As well as the tower which has been a big hit in 3D airports to have a custom tower in the simulator.
Thanks for taking ur time in reading this. Tell what u think about this in the comments!

Hey there, it’s great to see that you have such an interest in MROC, and I do agree that it would be great to see the airport receive custom buildings. However, due to various constraints such as the productive use of the developer’s time, and complexity of these buildings, it has been made clear that no specific 3D objects may be made.

Again, it’s something I do wish to see, it would be great to see this custom tower come in the near future though.


thanks. I didn’t know about these changes. Where should i request 3d objects though?

In the #features category. However, it requires Trust Level 2 (member) standing, which can be achieved through frequent activity on the forum. This information can be viewed in the informational topics linked below.

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As mentioned above!