Custom Terminal Verdict

In 22.1 we received two custom terminals both at US airports, those being KDEN and KLAX and I like many others were expecting to see more custom terminals coming in the future much like the current additions of custom Towers. Is there any reason why we have not seen more custom terminals ever though it’s been over a year since the first 2. Below are some suggestions of custom terminals with both simple and complex designs that could and should be added in the future.

Simple Designs

KSFO International Terminal
KATL Concourse F
KDFW Terminal D
EGLL Terminal 5 A,B and C
LEMD Terminal 4 and 4F

Complex Designs

OMDB Concourse A B and C
LFPG Terminal 2E
ZBAD Terminal
ZBAA Terminal 3
LTFM Terminal

Hope to see these soon and know why we have not seen any new custom terminals recently

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Changes to the terminal and airport design are up to IFAET members. I’d suggest PMing the folks who designed those airports with the images, to see if they’d possibly be interested.

Yea do that

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There may be some cool surprises coming our way in the very near future. Can’t say what, but… stay tuned! 👀