Custom Symbols next to name

The title says it all is there anyway to get custom symbols next to peoples names. Kind of like the moderator shield or anniversary birthday cake. This isn’t for myself its more for a big event coming in November.

It is possible to use Font Awesome icons, but this isn’t something we will implement anytime soon. :)

You can Ask for that in

Thanks could you close it for me please

No need - it’ll die out on its own. Plus, if anyone else would like to add something to the topic, they can. ;)

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What’s font awesome?

Google it there’s a massive list

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Yes Henrik thank you because I would like to add that I need a logo added to my name. A nice custom annoying big bright ugly logo to draw attention to my posts would be great.


this is what i was thinking about
P.S its not normally highlighted yellow thats just becuase i used the search button on my ipad

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Just put moderator next to your name ;)

… and then get suspended by a real moderator


my bad wont happen again - it was only really because he was right here and he outright said no

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