Custom Speech Callsigns

Hey Everyone,

Lately I’ve seen some people, mainly mods and staff, using callsigns (none that I can remember) that are words none of which are in the airlines callsign selection page, but still get spoken, not spelled out using the phonetic alphabet.

Could someone explain?




The feature where you could create a customised callsign was removed some time ago due to abuse/pilots creating inappropriate callsigns in an earlier update.

Though, as you’ve seen, some people may still have customised callsigns - such as pilots that haven’t updated their callsign since the specific update that removed the feature.
And additionally, moderators and staff members still have access to the feature so that’s why you’ll see them often with customised callsigns.


How long ago was this removed?

This post from June 2018 explains the special call signs:

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Sometime back around in 2016 I believe, so it’s been quite a while (: