Custom routes

Do many of you guys make custom routes?
What I’m meaning is, I like to be realistic especially while flying on expert server, but I’m also quite busy with other things as well (eg)
Work and children, and can’t always fly the routes of the real aircraft and livery’s due to timing them right, I’m presuming a lot of others have the same issue.
I’m totally against generic aircraft I don’t know why but they just seem boring, what are some of the aircraft and liveries people use to make up custom routes to fit their own time schedules?
I was thinking of using the extender but even that’s pretty much only used for refueling and based in the US, not really something that can be just casually flown anywhere in the world.
Sorry if this post makes no sense to anyone else but made sense in my head while I was writing it 😂
Happy flying

I do, some of the time when the flight is short or I’m too lazy to open up fpltoif 😂
I have also done maybe 3 custom routes before

I personally use Generic quite often for callsigns that don’t a corresponding livery yet to fly a realistic route. But when flying non-realistic route, I’d more than likely pick any cargo plane and try to make as realistic as possible or just make up something false in my head, then just takeoff. This was something I used to do in the past but nowadays I fly all realistic and if I don’t have time to fly then I won’t fly, simple as that.

But keeping it on the realistic side, the generic aircraft as much as you may dislike them, are a gateway for to do semi-realistic flights that are not possible otherwise due to livery shortage, haha.

Other wise, I’d pick a random airport, a random GA plane and draw a straight line for my FPL and just fly from point A to point B. This is also something I used to a lot more in the past and basically never do anymore but is worth a try as it may fit your schedule better than mine now :)

Yeh generic aircraft a very useful, it’s just pure white that puts me off haha May just be something I have to get use to,

I have the same issue :)

Most of these are not custom routes, but real life routes instead. I usually just fly routes that exist, but I know there are a lot of routes that are shorter than even 45 minutes! If you are fine with the CRJ family, United flies to many small airports within California from San Francisco such as Santa Barbara, Sonoma, Eureka, Reno, Burbank, Los Angeles, Sacramento, etc.
Try doing some East Coast flights too! Washington D.C. has 3 major airports, New York also has 3 major airports, and Philadelphia and Boston are very nearby these 2 major cities, with probably over 15 flights a day between these cities! They utilize the 737/8, ERJ-170/5, A319/20/21, CRJs, and probably a few more :)

Otherwise, many European cities are close to each other, and you can fly 1 hour routes such as Dublin to Aberdeen, Glasgow, Birmingham, London’s many airports, and slightly farther places like Paris and Amsterdam. Other European countries with airports close to each other are in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Spain (Although it is far from all the other countries), Italy, and more!

Hope this helps

If none of it helps, I apologize. But also, Westray to Papa Westray and back is always an option as well :)

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