Custom (real) liveries in IF

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Recently read this and was wondering if there’s any way to get your most desired livery (of a real airline) into the game, like paying for it?

I know a way- send £999.99 via untraceable means to me and I’ll sort it for you.


There is a way, but you first need the resources and trust by FDS.

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Ask @Ryan_Vince

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The way to get your favourite livery in is quite simply to open a feature request (either here or on the feedback site) and get people to support your idea :)

Bribing won’t work and more importantly, custom liveries are not supported or permitted on this forum.


didn’t really work for me… :/

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I think Aernout and Jarno explain a bit on that thread. Unfortunately, there are always some liveries that have to be postponed from the initial release in order to have a fair “balance” (especially with the A320 family with so many operators/liveries).

Liveries are added between updates at times, such as with the 787 family. With Jarno commenting, you can at least know it has been considered - we just need to keep optimistic for it ;-)


I hope it will pretty soon as it gets much support… :)

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