Custom profile picture “crop”

As we all know, when changing profile pictures, it is “auto cropped”.
I don’t know if discourse hub would have to change this, or coding can be done for the IFC. If it is in discourse control, mods please close this topic.

Here is an example how it could be.

  1. Select a file/picture
  2. It will bring you to this screen

Then you can crop to the ratio the IFC profile pictures can be.

Why do we need this?

We need this because it can let community members crop their own profile pictures here instead of having to in a 3rd party app.

If you agree with me, feel free to drop a vote.



Just a question, wouldn’t this be better suited for #meta? Because the way I see this I see this as a forum request, and the user-interface would be used for in app I believe.

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It would be a #misc , and would remain in features even tho this has to do with the IFC, still a feature

No. #features and its’ tags is only used for in-app requests only. The forum has nothing to do with the Infinite Flight app. #meta is the correct category.

Unfortunately, you can not request features to be added to the discourse software from here. Your best bet is to visit their official forum and create a topic there:

On another note, please make sure to read the pinned posts of every category, be it #features or #meta. They contain lots of information regarding their use.


It’s not necessarily auto-cropped, it’s just adjusted to fit the circular style. It will crop from the middle of an image until it gets to a border and that’s how far the circle crop will go. You can grasp control of the cropping by first finding an image and cropping it in a 1x1 aspect ratio. Therefore, it would be a square, and only small portions of the image would get cropped out.

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