Custom Private Livery's for IF for VA’s

I wish if there is a proven IFVA they IF should add liveries that the VA has created. I wish we had this because my Upcoming VA a charter and it needs this because we fly all aircraft generic or private aircraft.

Erm what are you trying to promote here a VA or Feature request

Duplicate. Please search before posting

A feature, and this would take IF either adding the livery to the aircraft of there choice, or allowing members of the VA to program them in, which could result in glitching,

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@J2S I believe the OP is asking for custom VA liveries.

There are a number of feature requests regarding custom liveries. Everything from changing colors up loading liveries.

The problem is:

  1. Liveries take time to make
  2. There are a bunch of VAs
  3. Liveries are not as simple as applying something to a photoshop template
  4. And you know every VA is not going to be happy with just one livery.