Custom people in the cockpit

Hey IFC,
Imagine choosing who is in your cockpit in IF.
In this image you can see an Airbus A320 and if you look into the cockpit, you can see a female pilot and a male pilot.


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What if you could choose the two pilots in your cockpit?

What it is
On Infinite Flight, a lot of our aircraft now have pilots in the cockpit. The Cessna has a female figure, the XCub has a male figure. The Boeing 777 and 737 now have pilots. A lot of the Airbus fleet have pilots and even a military aircraft has a pilot. Off the top of my head, I can count at least 5 different pilots that we can see in infinite flight (not including military).

I am requesting that we should able to have access to these 5 pilots and choose which one we want to be inside our cockpit.

How it would work
Maybe when you go to set your callsign for your next flight, you can also select 2 (or 1 depending on aircraft) pilots to see in your cockpit.

Why we should vote for this topic
This feature in Infinite Flight would make the game more interactive for you and the game would be even more personalized for your liking’s.

Thank you for reading my topic, I hope you can agree with my request and free up a vote. I think that this is definitely an idea worth voting for and I hope to see it in future updates.
Thank you everyone,
Happy flying :)

Hey @Liam06! This is a cool concept, but I think we have more pressing issues right now.


Yes I know what you mean @Sami_Fajita_Air maybe I came with this topic too early as we have a lot of cooler updates coming through around now

I think with the way the current IF game engine works separating the models of aircraft and people can lead to unknown consequences


If I would be honest, there are far more important features to work on rather than focus on the more decorative part of choosing your own pilot. This is just my opinion, ever since Infinite Flight does lack plenty of features as a mobile flight simulator.

Once there are pilots in the cockpit, I am happy enough with it. 🙂


Pretty cool, we would have all fighter jet pilots in the speedbird aircraft. On the other hand I think we need to focus on bigger improvements but as we go forward this will get more votes.

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