Custom NOTAMs

With the fairly recent addition of ATIS to the game, I thought this might be a helpful idea. Since airports exist in many different formats across many different countries and airspaces and whatnot, I thought custom NOTAMs could prove to be helpful.

How would this work? In the ATIS, there could either be a type option, or added presets to different airports whose real-world operational procedures could differ from that of most other airports. For example, London Gatwick often uses runway 08L/26R for taxiing in real life. There is no clearance needed to cross or enter.

Why should this be added? If either something was able to be typed telling pilots it could be used in this manner, or if an option was added to inform pilots of this, it could reduce controllers’ workloads by a little and make it more realistic in lower-traffic situations where both runways aren’t being used.

Feel free to let me know what you guys think of this. I’m a realism freak, so maybe it isn’t as necessary or helpful as I might think, but hopefully a lot of you guys know where I’m coming from.

Could be nice, at least on expert, to structure the traffic on and around the airport.

Probably it could also be used for taxi advisories (e.g. taxi on inner taxiway as landing traffic).

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