Custom Made Wallpapers For You

Welcome to my Custom Wallpapers thread!
Thanks for checking this out. This thread will be all about other community members creating a custom wallpaper for your electronic devices! Anyone is able to help make wallpapers.

Information Needed
Ratio* 16:9 4:3 3:2 19.5:9
*Required Info


Could someone make me a wallpaper for my iPhone XR.

Planes in background
Have TheFlyingGuy1 on it
16:9 or 19.5:9
Resolution 1920x1080 or better
Have multiple GA planes flying in scenic area in background. Can background be kinda like where it has a lot of white in in where the colors are not as bright. Example of that: profile picture.
Have N12604

It’s not exactly what you said but the closest I found

Did you accidentally send this on the wrong topic?

No, I’m trying to find you the wallpaper and showing you photos you could work with

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Oh my bad. I meant like a real world picture. Thanks:)


I’ll try searching the web for you

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This looks similar to @EdgyEugene’s thread…

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I saw that one but this thread is more like custom wallpapers that are not only in IF :)

So what exactly is this for? Real World Pics for wallpapers?

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Yea it is.

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