Custom Made Profile Pictures

But thanks for making one also @Gm2kmike20! Much appreciated

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Oh ok, ill use that then!

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If this is still active, I’d like someone to make me a logo.

I would like it to include:

  • Ifatc logo/icon
  • somewhere saying “Ballio”
  • and a nice dark gray/black background.

However if you feel something else in terms of colour, please feel free to be creative.


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I’ll do that, would you like it as a gradient or with different shapes and stuff?

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For those who are down for the challenge, the name “Drew” has quite a couple possibilities. I’m a fan of the contemporary, sleek, modern design and would absolutely die for a professional, yet not too over the top profile picture that hints towards my love for aviation, yet with the name “Drew” imprinted over it all.

Gradient please. Sorry about the late response

Sure. I’ll try

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Thanks a lot

Can someone make me a pfp basically doing everything the same as my pfp just make the color of my name match with the backround of the picture, thanks!

And add the callsign LYVA003 and LYVA HR manager on the sides :)

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I will attempt this task

Here you go, just say if you would like some changes:)

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made this quick pfp. quality isnt great but wont be noticable from far away. feel free to let me know if you want me to change anything. @Drxw

original photo was low quality and too wide so i photoshopped it a bit. the fonts arent that visible since you told me to match it with the sky. feel free to let me know if you need me to change anything @Nightt

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Thank you! That’s exactly what I was thinking off😂

How’s it going?

Hello! I’d like to request a pfp with the following

  • Delta B737-900ER in the background
  • PilotChrisSG over it
  • and at the bottom please put “ Hartsfield Jackson based since 2009

I can try it if you want?

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Hey, could anyone design a logo with the following characteristics?

  • Any color
  • F-22 in the background with the text “Colderco” over it
  • It can either be abstract or cartoony
  • Resolution 2500 x 2500 please


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Yea sure. :)

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ill try for you. any preferred pictures?