Custom Made Profile Pictures

Standard resolution

Can you Make a profile picture-‘Captain_Ramsters’

-Any font
-Swiss001 design

Of course! Welcome to the community!

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😊 Also how long will it take?
Cuz I only got until 15th March

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Omg, I will have it done by tomorrow 😂

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On The Swiss001 logo there is a plane icon, can you change it to the IFS logo?image

Of course!

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Can someone make me a profile picture similar to LOT’s style?
Title: PB120
Colors: Same as LOT
Requirement: Get the “O” design in LOT in the “0” of 120

I’m free now so I’ll work on both!

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Not my finest piece of work unfortunately…

What do you mean by this?

Hey @DeccyB, this is amazing haha

Could you make something in this same style for me?

I can provide a picture to use as background :)

Thanks in advance!

Sure! Or I can go all out and make you a better one! 😁😉

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That’d be great
I’ll send you the picture in a PM in some minutes

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Rogerrrrr 10 characters 😂🙄

The “O” in LOT i would like in the zero in my 120 (if you could manage to do that. If you can’t that is fine)

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🤩 Amazing Thank you so much 😊

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Can someone possibly make me an animated pfp for discord? Just my username is my preference. Your choice of style, I don’t mind. Preferred colors, blue and navy (maybe dark red). Would have to be a gif, if so, send it to me via discord. (Tag: Pilot_Felix#7773)

Edit: Also a new IFC pfp would be appreciated if someone else wants to tackle that!