Custom Made Profile Pictures

@fly.akm Sure…if you want. I would love that!

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day 1 of asking for an icelandic background with the icelandic flag like for example Iceland:flag:air_TeamICE (please make sure to make it that i’s already in the form of a profile picture}

thanks XOXOXO
-That weird dude @Icelandair_TeamICE

What are you requesting?

A profile picture or profile banner?

I’m confused by what you mean by this:

What shade of blue? Dark or light?

Same text as well along with font?


This is my take:


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I really like that @fly.akm Thank You!

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B-b-but you’re not using it…

Haha! Just let me know if you need anything else! Have a great day my guy.


A profile picture, for a more better example: Icelandair🇮🇸TeamICE I hope it made it better of an example. b\But for the background you know the Hekla Aurora picture? The one with ice mountains. Can you have that blurred in the background…? On my profile picture.

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Still, no idea what you mean by the profile picture, but. I’ll get the background done. @Icelandair_TeamICE

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Hey! Can you make me one as well? I’ll give details

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Background: A350 (Qatar)
Text: Uzi (that’s what most ppl call me)
Color: Dark red and dark blue please

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@Huzefa_Bohri and @Icelandair_TeamICE

please refer to this thread and tag me there:

Yeah! I’ll have a go, I’m home schooling atm so I may not get it done for a while.

Hope you understand,
Declan B

Of course I understand!

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As Christmas was a while ago I think it is time to change my pfp, so if anyone would like to make one for me? I would like a simple pfp with a sleek design.
Let’s see what you got!


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What pfp do you want?

Just a good looking simple pfp

If you want I will try and make a pfp with your favorite airline or something with IFATC

Can someone update my PFP pls
I only want to change one thing on mine
My SWA1997 is white I would like to change it to the this color scheme pls

Nah, do whatever you want:)

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