Custom Made Profile Pictures


Welcome everyone!

Welcome to the Custom Profile Pictures Thread. Please utilize this thread for requesting a new Profile picture. We have many great graphic designers on the Infinite Flight Community, so don’t hesitate to ask! (Be aware, I may attempt some request, but I’m sure you’ll favour other more than me ;) )

Giving Info:

Obviously, graphic designers need something to work off of, so please give the following info, + more! It helps.

  • Colour scheme
  • Text?
  • Abstract, realistic, cartoony etc
  • Resolution (Standard is 2500 x 2500)

Thanks to AndroidPilot for the original Thread, find it below:


I can make profile pictures if my help is needed 😉


Can someone make me a new logo:

Background: IF logo
Text: ‘BennyBoy’ in navy and silver text
Make it quite abstract
Resolution: 2500 x 2500


Yes @BennyBoy I’ll do that

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I would also like a new profile picture/logo if possible! If you can or are willing to try, can you send me a PM ? I will talk in that.

Global Flyer1

Can I have a new one please! Can it have a United CRJ7 on it and the words UVAL 042! Please be creative and use colors! Thanks so much to anyone who can help me out! Thanks!

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Can I have something modern-ish, with either the words “Latvia” or “Air Baltic” on it? My current one is a bit too blue.


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Can someone make me a new profile picture? Below are some details, send me a msg if you need more info! Thanks :)

Color: B&W (Text needs to contrast tho if I want text)
Text: DGGR (can I get one with and without?)
Realistic please :)
Resolution: Anything that fits well into Instagram and a forum is great!
Design: A partial A350 (Side view)

Think that sends you a notification ;) (me quoting you)


Can i maby have one picture where is A350 and there is writen FINNWINGS
And blue sky in The background
Make IT realistic If possible
Resolution: 2500x2500

  • Any That Fits
  • ItsBlitz
  • Backround: Las Vegas Strip
  • Realistic
  • 2500 x 2500

Is this nearly finished - or am I to wait a bit longer?

Here’s what I’ve made for you image

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I can’t speak for bennyboy, but isn’t the IF logo a bit weird?


Does anybody want a new profile pic?


I wouldn’t mind if someone could make something simple but modern, as my previous request asked😉😁

I can I try?

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True, it looks not like the real one

I do a graphic design biz on the side (I actually designed the livery for an Airline out of Seattle) so if anyone wants a profile pic just DM me!

Here you go @Latvia


Thanks, that’ll be my new profile pic😁👍

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