Custom made profile pictures

If you want me or possibly other people who want to help to make you a custom profile picture you can ask here. An example of one I made is my own im useing. You need to put it is this format however to get your request:


What you want on the profile picture

Colors you want on the profile picture

What resolution you want (standerd 2500x2500)

Any words you want on it

Please be aware it may take a long time.


Where’s @Trio
He does it too


I would be happy to make some for people if they want!

Here is an example of my work:



I’m currently flying the approach into LPMA, go on @AndroidPilot and @PlaneCrazy . I can’t wait to see what you come up with!


Do you do intros or anything video wise @PlaneCrazy or @AndroidPilot? I’m redoing my channel and just got the banners and artwork done.


@PlaneCrazy Can you please do this:

Please get rid of the “Air Lines” and put “319” next to the “Delta” like this:


Here are a couple I messed around with yesterday.


I’d love one to be made for me!

I’d like some sort of R with black and orange colouring. Maybe some sort of a border around the R? Possibly the line that goes straight on the “R” to be a runway and the curves on it to be taxiways? Default resolution is fine. No words. Thanks in advance!


Please explain what you mean by black and orange but a runway and then I will do it.

Here is a new example of a possible profile picture. This is for my use only but I can make something in different colours and a different aircraft for someone.

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Here are a few versions, you can choose your favorite:





I can make more if you don’t like these


The background may be black, possible orange border? And what I mean by the runway is that the big line in the letter “R” so the one that connects the first loop of the letter and like the leg of the letter, can that be some sort of a runway, and the loop and the leg a taxiway?

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Dang, that was fast!
If you could make the font smaller on the 4th one so all of it fits on one line, that would be awesome!
Make sure I can download it though

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I thought yours might be a challenge so I wanted to try it. Here you go! I think @PlaneCrazy’s are better though. :)


Just make the font the same. If you do that, I’d use it

Yeah, I couldn’t find the right font. Oh well.

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I can’t do much more than what @CathayPacific did, so…

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Ok, Well, I’ve changed my mind.
If you can send me the 2nd one from your earlier post, that would work. (but please get rid of the ® sign first)

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Can you download this?


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OOH OOH ME NEXT! I would like a:

Delta 757MAX. It will be like a 757 except the engines are newer, stuff like that. Could you do that, but have the word DELTA be in virgin america font? Also in virgin america font below it please put DELTABRO. If you can’t do a 757max then do an a330neo or 757-200.

note: Try to make the pic look like this:

@AndroidPilot. @PlaneCrazy

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