Custom made profile pictures



A stylized cross country skier and/or a c series aircraft

Blue and Gold

Standard resolution

I don’t really care what is on it as long as it has a skier


I’ll take 5 requests. Who wants something?


@Chris_Hoover see my post just above yours please


I would like the one that I mentioned before please.


You need to tell me cause I’m not gonna look through 200 posts to find someone’s, just make it as simple as copy and paste ;)


My request is as follows; I would like the following photo with the Avgeek Productions letters In this same font, colored white and with black outlines. Take your time as I know you have numerous requests.image


I need a discord profile

My profile pic on the IFC

Color would be black, and red I think

Resolution 2500x3000


I mean a profile pic. Sorry about that.


The airport CYTZ -Toronto city Centre with q400(only aircraft certified to fly out of it) moving on it. One with just that and one that says Porter Virtual. And the runway going towards the airport isn’t a runway its taxiway Echo now (from I.F)


Can I have on I would like blue and purple with a 7879 underneath my ifc name @AndroidPilot


Would you be able to put a shamrock and a Aer lingus 757 flying under it please ?


Again I would like to ask about the progress on my picture? I know there is a long line but I would like to know my place in line.


@The_Geniusman you already have an awesome pic!


That’s true, I just wanted to see an option!


I gave it a try 🤷‍♂️


It’s just what I wanted except that I would like the Avgeek part a little lowered so it doesn’t touch the wing and the Productions a bit lowered as well. If it’s too much of a hassle than feel free to notify me as I am ok with using this one!


No problem. How’s this:


(Cries) It’s…it’s beautiful, it’s perfect, thank you so much for this. I greatly appreciate it!


No problem. If you need anything else, I’m up for the challenge :)


This is a really nice topic. I’ve seen some very interesting designs from everyone.

I have some photoshop experience myself and actually did graphic design for a year or so as a side activity so I’m quite familiar with making custom art like this. Don’t ask me to do any custom profile pictures though. I rarely do it nowadays and will only do it for friends.

Keep up the great creativity, guys.