Custom made profile pictures


Yours is just about done what I’m doing is finishing all of them and then showing them in one post.


Oh, ok. Thank you, good luck!


please read

To everyone wanting a profile picture please be aware that we are hummans and have other things to do. If you see we are doing one then don’t ask please. Also all designers day if you are working on a project by likeing it and replying to it.


I can’t remember who wanted this.


@InfiniteFlightSlayer you have 2 options


I just finished making this on request for @JDE1303

And this one for @eli_Mumm


i would like this but in a resolution of 2048 pixels wide and 1152 pixels tall. well thats what it says for the YouTube banner. if you can do it for both i would extremely love that.- Photo 1 it doesnt m,atter the font or the colors its already fine how it is. . canadaairvirtual


@NonBinarySkyYT that should work.


That’s not necessarily true, I just realized who @Jshnlsn is.


Thank you. now my channel background looks good, check it out!


Not trying to nag or whatever but I just want to make sure you saw my post? No worries if not and don’t feel pressured to finish it!


Please repost it as I can’t find it.



Oh me!

Something to do with my username
Boeing 787
Something to do with Canada
Aviation (ofcourse)

Be creative.

Excited to see what you come up with


I’ve really needed a profile pic change!
-Runway, plane, and control tower/ATC in the background
-Runway colors, blue sky, light gray and blue plane
-standard resolution
-Name near the top

Feel free to change anything if needed! And a big thank you to you guys doing this!


@ollywhxte I think this is what you wanted not sure though.


Perfect, thanks! Just what I wanted.


A background for what?


can you make me one of CYTZ with a bunch of q400 A/C on it? One plain and another that says Porter Virtual on it?


To me that makes no sense sorry. I don’t quite understand what it is you want me to do.