Custom made profile pictures


Let’s see what that looks like!


Sorry, I don’t have one of those programs or anything. The most that I could do is draw it for you. However, you should contact @Chris_Hoover or @AndroidPilot or @PlaneCrazy as they know how to do it.


I can help a friend out ;)


I’m that guy that says what you are doing wrong without any knowledge of how to do it. I think that that would look good, but i haven’t the slightest idea at how to implement it.


In some ways, I can relate. Thanks for making me chuckle


Hey, I don’t want to sound pushy but I would like to know what place in line am I?


You need to provide us with a picture of Air Canada VA before we can do anything


Sorry! Here’s one

Can you change Pilot to my name maybe and mess around with the font?


These profile pictures all look amazing! Can’t wait to see how mine turns out


Alright cool, no rush.


Sorry, @Chris_Hoover. Try to also add BigBert10 into the picture.


I’m such a weirdo XD



  1. @Shaydox

  2. @Delta_Alpha_Lima

  3. @BigBert10

Please avoid requesting from me until I have finished all 3 (I will post in this thread when I’m ready)


@Delta_Alpha_Lima thoughts? Let me know what you want added, changed, or removed.


Would that fit in a profile picture though?


Gonna find out right now


It most definitely fits for a profile picture :)


@Chris_Hoover Not really a fan on the font and I don’t really want the plane there. Be creative! 🙂


Alright, I’m off to bed so I’ll come up with some tomorrow


Im in no hurry, I know you said my request could be tricky, so if I get pushed down the que, im okay with it. 🙂


@Chris_Hoover don’t mean to sound pushy or anything, but what place am I in line, because I believe that you said that I’m 3rd, but then I see that someone else is 3rd.