Custom made profile pictures


When you get a chance can I have a profile picture including my name and Air Canada VA?


Here you go! Let me know if you want anything different


This request is waaay too difficult. Unless @Trio can do this one then I don’t know what to tell you.


Trying yours now, won’t be long


I know there is a lot of requests but can you make me one of CYTZ with a bunch of q400 AC on it? One plain and another that says Porter Virtual on it?


It’s good! Thanks @Chris_Hoover!


ok…lemme be creative here…do a pic that says DELTABRO and the t is a control tower and planes are doing patterns in the D. Make it cartoony though!


@Deltabro I can make you the Delta tail with your name. 🤷‍♂️

If so you would be 7th in my queue, unless someone else wants to make it. 🙄


Apologies in advance for my current indecisiveness… I’m not sure if I want to change my profile picture. I like my star but at the same time it’s been like that forever… quick 13 minute poll for the community to decide whether or not I should…

  • Change the picture
  • Keep it the same

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Something with the British airways speedmarque would suit me just fine. if the community says I should change my picture…


Someone can always make you one, then you can make up your mind if you want to change, Just because someone makes one for you doesn’t mean you have to use it. My answer is none of the above.


While thats true, i should point out that changing my profile picture has been on my mind for some time now. Since I can’t seem to decide for myself whether or not I want to change it, I figure I’ll just let the community decide for me.


It’s not like Trios or Laura’s where if they changed it people would notice right away (I found that out when I changed mine today - People went crazy)

People don’t really put your username to that profile picture


Results are in. Looks like I’m changing my profile picture…


I like it, it’s a cool change! :) . Great work @PlaneCrazy


You should sort of remodel it in a way. Change the picture, but keep the star in a sort of updated and stylized way.


I say that we have a black background and a gold star and your name on it


You sound like the hair cut lady offering advice on your new haircut.


I say a Navy Blue background, a simple gold star with the US Protection Service text on it, and your name in the center


Hey! These previous profile pics look amazing!

looking at you @Balloonchaser

Do you think you could make one for me?
I’d like it to resemble Singapore Airlines, my name (Transport_Hub) and something that looks creatively fun and interesting.

Sorry, but I’m not the most creative person in the world :(


I prefer to think of it as that I sound like someone saying on a forum about how an airline should change their livery 😁