Custom made profile pictures


@Cbro4 send me the image you want to move and I’ll make it into an animation/gif



Looks great!

  1. Is this the same font? Just curious cause I wanted it to look just like it but different words

  2. Maybe take the plane out😂


If you can’t do that it’s ok I don’t want to put any pressure on you.


That is the same font that AA uses, it’s just not bold, and yeah I was just throwing the airplane in there to see if you liked it. Ill take it out :)


Ok great! Is there any way to make it bolder? And if you can’t it’s ok! Thanks @Chris_Hoover!


@Chris_Hoover @AndroidPilot @PlaneCrazy Hi guys, could you please make me a profile pic with an A380 flying in backgorund in black, royal blue background, walking pilot looking back at it in the color black, with the words, “Captain Daniel” in white, default rez. Thanks!




Yes I can, your 3rd in queue


Thank you! I look forward to it.


Can I have this with a TUI logo in a blue rectangle that comes down around 2/4 of the picture with Capt Olly, please?




I don’t really have an animation or gif I want. Just anything incorporating this style and my current pic.


Thanks! I promise this is the last thing, in the first one you did that had the plane in the font was a little darker. Can u make it the same color as the first one?


And also I actually kind of like how the letters look in the first one rather than the second. I’m sos Rory I’m telling u to change things!


Would it be too much to ask for the back and forth for details of pictures to be discussed in a PM. Seems odd to flood a topic with “Can I have this line thicker” types of questions.

Just trying to keep it from turning into a 1,000 post thread.

It would also help to organize the requests to make sure nothing is missed.


I’m so sorry I will do that!


Crowdsourcing creative ideas is the easiest way to expedite the logo making process. If they were to take the majority of the conversation to PMs the end product might not reach it’s potential. 🙂


I’m just trying to keep things clean. Relax.


Can you send me your profile pic?


Chris, Want a new profile picture?? ;)