Custom made profile pictures


Thanks Chris! 👍🏼


How’s this?


That’s cool! I like wingtips and the tail! Couple things :)
Maybe take off the logo at the front of the aircraft.
This might be kind of hard, but if you can’t do it, it’s fine. But is there anyway to do something like the New United Livery or even the IF Livery where they did the curved line under the windows, here’s a pic.



Yes I can definitely do that, a few more minutes!


And can we maybe make the line the same color as the logo (the navy blue-ish color)


Where do you get the template? and how do you do it?


Are you going to change the background of my pic?


Yes however that is a more complex task than making this profile picture. I will have it soon.




Not sure if I’m a huge fan of the multiple lines. I just wanted the one line with the color change under it like the United Livery. But it looks great!
And also is there anyway we can make the whole tail the navy color with the just the arrow on it? (So pretty much just spreading out the navy color to the whole tail :)


Yes, give me a few hours and I’ll get back to you


Sounds good! Thanks Chris!


What your making isn’t profile pics


Can I have mine with a Southwest Florida One Livery and the words JacksonAviation in blue please! Format to fit my profile circle


Yes but if someone uses it as a profile picture then technically it’s a profile picture I am making for them. No need to regulate what’s made here…


Chris can you make one of a A320 with my name on it? :)


Just wondering if after that you weren’t going to make mine. If not, can @ItsBlitz make what I requested above for me (asking cause I enjoy the content you produce)


I can most certainly do it, will try to get the initial one done tonight.


Ok, thanks


@ItsBlitz can you still make one if you don’t mind. You really don’t have to if you don’t want, I’ve just seen you’re content and you’re profile pictures and I thought I could ask you to make me one. Really, you don’t have to do it.