Custom made profile pictures




Oh wow thanks, I like it a lot!


@IFATC_Andrew, do you still want that profile picture, or did Blitz get it for you?


I didn’t see he comment yet, are you able to do it. My PSE ran out and I have to renew it



(Note: This is a challenger 350, closest to a CRJ I could get.)



I’ll work on yours in a few hours, don’t have time now.


I don’t need a pfp but what you can do is amazing!


thanks a lot bro


My name with a CRJ and a pinecone
Modern colors (gray, white, maybe some red)


I don’t make these anymore. I would edit the topic but I can’t. Someone else might make one those


Ohhhh ok sorry.


Why close it? Other people still make custom profile pictures.


Looking for someone to make my profile picture. Something that has to do with kylo ren and an aircraft. Sorry for not being specific I just am not sure exactly what I want. Id like to see what your creative minds come up with, thanks!


Can someone make me a profile picture?


I’ll give it a try


First try, thoughts?


I like it! I was thinking more like the one I have now (pinecone with a plane in the background) but it’s good!
Edit: maybe make the background of the one you just made gray


Yessir that’s an easy fix!


@Chris_Hoover, I really like what you did with Pine Cones! Can you maybe try something like that but with a 737 Max? Somehow incorporate my name and maybe my old profile pic? Here’s a pic of it:
And if you can’t do that, than maybe you can just play around with some different ideas🙂


I’m sure I can, give me a few minutes :)