Custom made profile pictures


Your just jelly I have a nicer PFP than you


Yea, thought I made that obvious lol


@CR3W , actually, try this. Cropped better



You tagged the wrong user, its @CR3W not @CREW


Oh shoot, thanks for the catch!




Mich better then mine XD


Love that @Darpan, you can probs tell that now Blitz what I wanted there with the abstract look. But you both tried and at least you hopefully gained some more skill.

Iโ€™ll be using that one there Darpan. Thanks!


I know I have a new profile pic but who can make a profile pic for me to use in the feature.No specific design just find anything creative


How bout this? @Infinite_flight_A320


Lol, just saw that you wanted something similar to @Connorโ€™s.


Basically the same at this point


@ItsBlitz, could you make me one?


Man so picky ๐Ÿ˜‚


I canโ€™t decide if I want a new profile, if someone can make me one I really like, consider it to be my new profile.


I like the new look CR3W.


Hey guys! Anyone wanna make a profile pic for me? Iโ€™d like it (like that xd)! If ya could make anything with a plane (clip art?) and a German flag/speciality? Thanks in advance!


@ItsBlitz can you make me something with Star Wars and planes?


Like with spaceships and a plane next to it?


Looks nice @ItsBlitz!I want like 3 more to choose from